October 2021

In a new interview with NPR Boise State Public Radio’s Idaho Matters, we discuss with Tom Michael how warming temperatures are pushing American pikas upslope across the eastern portion of the state.

September 2021

Our new paper for my master’s research is officially published in Global Change Biology! This investigation examined how climate change influences- 1) local population densities, 2) occupancy (i.e., where species live now vs in the past), as well as 3) the underlying mechanisms causing widespread upslope retractions across the Northern Rocky Mountains of North America. A pika photo (below) also graced the cover of this month’s issue.

June 2021

New interview on how American pikas serve as an early indicator of how species will respond to climate change moving forward, featured in Colorado 350:

April 2021

I am excited to announce that I will begin my Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in Storrs, CT. Within the EEB Department, I will be working with Dr. Mark Urban to further our understanding of the evolutionary mechanisms that influence species range shifts in response to climate change. Further, I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Jorgensen Fellowship from UConn, which includes $100,000 over five years. I will also participate in the Team-TERRA NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) from 2021-2023; the primary goals of this project are to understand, predict, and communicate risks to ecosystem services across the northeastern US megalopolis from D.C. to Boston under contemporary climate change and further urbanization.